Made on Honor Market Weekend.

Since there is a non-zero percent chance that someone may be here because I handed you a business card at this weekend’s Narragansett Beer’s ‘Made on Honor’ Market at The Guild Brewery in Pawtucket RI, I thought I’d put up a quick welcome post. So hello! Thanks for visiting, I generally am terrible at keepingContinue reading “Made on Honor Market Weekend.”

Where we’re at

These silly Chinooks. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather lately, the hops think it’s spring! Sprouting rhizome growth while I’m trying to put them to to bed for the winter.  Let’s be honest, as much as I’d like to change this, the only internet presence of the Olson & Son Hopyard exists on Instagram. I keepContinue reading “Where we’re at”


Hello and welcome to the Olson & Son Hopyard website. If you are visiting thanks to the recent Rhode Island Monthly Magazine article ( which can be read here) please have a look around and follow us for more updates throughout the fall.  Some recent health issues have slightly delayed the opening of our onlineContinue reading “Welcome!!”

A Trying Week

The hopyard exploded this week. Burrs exploded into three inch long cones. First year bines all of a sudden completely covered in bursts of burrs. And despite getting some camera time a few nights ago, I missed it.  A bummer for sure, and tonight I am exhausted and frazzled but I can get my bodyContinue reading “A Trying Week”


Now that this post is done,and out of the way, we can get into what this blog was meant for — sharing our story. Along with hopyard news and announcements on new products or sales, we’ll be sharing anecdotes about the growing season, thoughts on beers and beer culture, recipes from pickles to pale ales,Continue reading “Sharing “

A Thank You and a Statement on the future of The Olson & Son Hopyard

Over the past two days the photos have been coming in from people wearing their brand new Olson & Son Hopyard T-shirts. It makes me incredibly happy and proud to see. I’ll be sharing some of the photos in another post soon, but I, of course, need to begin this one by thanking each andContinue reading “A Thank You and a Statement on the future of The Olson & Son Hopyard”

Join the Team with your own Hopyard T-shirt

  The 2016 Limited Edition Olson & Son Hopyard Logo T-shirt Sale is now live! Click the photo or this link for details. If you already have enough T-shirts, please feel free to share the link or this post to all your friends. Proceeds will be used help offset the continued costs of Liam’s medicalContinue reading “Join the Team with your own Hopyard T-shirt”